Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayak: Equipment to provide

Do you like fishing or want to discover this activity and do you like kayaking? Combine the two and indulge in kayaking fishing. In partnership with the blog Peach Malin Discover in the following the material necessary to be comfortable when fishing.

Why fish by kayak?

Fishing in a kayak is not necessarily reserved for fishing experts, you can start at any time. It is in fact a much more sporty activity than conventional fishing and is reserved for fishermen who wish to discover new sensations when fishing. The investment mainly concerns the equipment that you must obtain.

Choosing a good kayak

Having a best sit on top fishing kayak is the first important point of the equipment. It must be chosen according to several criteria including your size, the weight of the kayak, your type of fishing and your level as a fisherman. There are two types of kayak:

  • The open kayak, “sit-on-top” (SOT) is suitable for beginners and looks like a surfboard on which you sit. It is a simple model to take in hand and does not require to know how to dodge in case of overturning. It is recommended for calm waters such as lakes, bays, coves or estuaries and for beginners.
  • the closed kayak, “sit-inside” (SIK) is suitable for already experienced fishermen. It looks a lot like a classic canoe in which you can sit with your legs tucked into the hull. It is advisable at sea or choppy water but requires to know how to dodge in case of overturning.

Fishing equipment

The rod / reel assembly and some lures are the of a fisherman in a kayak. Do not burden yourself with a rod more than two meters, kayak fishing allows you to fish relatively close to where your kayak is located. Also prefer a light medium rod not to get tired, fishing can last a long time. For lures, use effective soft models. You can also use a depth sounder / GPS combo to find the best places to fish and find where the fish are hiding.

The essential for security

Fishing in a kayak is fishing a few miles (a unit used in Anglo-Saxon countries but also in the world of fishing) from the shore or from the shore. To be able to fish in France, a certain number of safety criteria must be respected:

  • If you are fishing within two miles of the nearest shelter, you will need an inflatable life jacket that you should always carry with you (never take it off), a tow line and a safety line. length at least greater than the length of your kayak, a dewatering device and a flash lamp or luminescent stick, or any other luminous accessory.
  • If you are fishing up to six miles from a shelter you will need the aforementioned equipment as well as a magnetic or electronic compass, three hand-held red lights, a mirror, an audible signal (a sufficiently strong whistle for example), a nautical chart of the region as well as a self-draining kayak system.

This seems to do a lot at first, but these criteria are there to ensure your safety in the event of an accident or unexpected event. It is also important to wear a comfortable and reassuring outfit, prefer a specialized suit adapted to the season, and don’t forget to cover your head either. Security also means avoiding sunstroke. Respecting these different instructions and properly preparing your equipment will make you enjoy kayaking fishing.

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